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There is a large shopping offer in Canet de Mar both in terms of variety and price.

The town’s shopping area is in the historical centre and particularly along the large riera Gavarra and riera Buscarons shopping axes, but it is not possible to ignore the presence of other areas with a large number of shops such as the Plaça 11 de Setembre and Can Salat Busquets. Another significant point is the Market Square at the bottom of Riera Buscarons. This shopping complex built in 1932 contains stalls with all kinds of food and especially fruit and vegetables, meat and fish.  On Wednesdays a street market is also held around the square.

You can buy vitralls dolços created by the Guild of Bakers in tribute to Lluís Domènech i Montaner and also seasonal Maresme strawberries, grown on local lands.


This sweet ‘Modernist Stained Window’ is a symbol of identity of Canet de Mar and pays tribute to Lluís Domènech i Montaner. The idea came from the Guild of Bakers of Canet.

Art sweetened by a product based on pastry with coloured jelly, giving an optical illusion to anyone who tries it.  Available all year in different bakeries of the town.



A red fruit with green leaves and an intense aroma, loved for their sweetness and fleshy pulp. They tend to grow on the sandy and well-drained slopes typical of the Maresme relief.

Seasonal product (March-August). Sold mainly in greengrocers, at the farming cooperative or in the Market Square.



The Griffin is an idea to strengthen and extend the range of products that refer to Modernism in our town, and is a piece that is highly emblematic of Ll. Domènech i Montaner in Canet. The Griffin is a mythological animal, half eagle and half lion, that we find represented in a multitude of elements of our illustrious architect’s work.

Pastisseria Campassol, a craft bakery from 1953 in Canet de Mar, has created this nougat or bonbon, made from 70% bitter chocolate and filled with a citric fruit filling. A souvenir of Canet that will delight your taste!




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