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Canet de Mar lies between the Mediterranean and the Montnegre i el Corredor Nature Park. The land is typical granite and erosion has shaped the mountains and valleys creating gentle slopes. The highest peak is Pedracastell 300 above sea level, offering views of the Montnegre, Montseny and a large part of the Maresme and Barcelona coastline.

The scarcity of rainfall except for the autumn and winter make these dry lands for the little amount of rainfall and humidity thanks to the proximity of the sea, to which the vegetable and animal species have had to adapt.

On the coast we find birds such as seagulls, yellow-legged gulls and house martins.

In the forest, the former farming fields have disappeared to give way to forests of holm oak and pine. Until the mid-20th century, the valleys and slopes of Canet were worked by the peasants. For hundreds of years, vineyards, carobs and fruit trees filled the village scenery. The last crop was the strawberry, which the peasants still grow on the sunniest hillsides. It is in the valleys where we find more biological diversity.

It is easy to see the coexistence between cane, mimosa, vitex, rosemary and rock rose, amongst many others. At higher altitudes there are other species that have survived from older times and have not fallen to the advance of the pine and ilex. This is the case of the cherry and carob trees, for instance.

There is a wide variety of fauna in Canet, and especially with regard to the birds. With a little attention it is possible to see short toed treecreepers, cranes, jays, partridges, Sardinian warblers and common nightingales. The most common mammals are squirrels, forest mice, badgers, wild boars, foxes and genets.


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