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In Canet the weekly market is held every Wednesday of the year in the morning from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and is located on the dry river of the shopping area in the centre of the town, along the Riera del Pinar, from the Market Square to carrer Ravalet.

It includes around 40 stalls and takes up 300 linear metres with a wide range of products from household linen, men’s and women’s clothing, children’s clothes, footwear, household material, large size garments, cosmetics and perfumery, articles for pets, hats and baskets, fashion jewellery, herbs, sweets and spices, fruit and vegetables, organic products from the garden, cod, olives and delicatessen, roast chickens, and many other things.

The market has a free car park for vehicles very nearby in Passeig Misericòrdia.

Day: every Wednesday

Times: from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

No. stalls: 40

Type of stalls: multi-sector

Site: Riera del Pinar


A little history

It is difficult to find the beginnings of the weekly market, a travelling market which set up in different towns on different days of the week... in Canet, every Wednesday.

However, all markets started in the street, even those we have later come to know as the Market Square, a permanent and covered market which opens every day.

In the 1920s, the local market set up along the carrer Ample, which was then called the Constitution Square and the market was therefore known as the Constitution Market, but it did not remain there for long.  The market sold meat and vegetables, the cured meat stalls faced the Pedracastell and the peasants were turned towards the sea.  In 1922 the market was moved to Plaça Macià once it had been developed. Source: Retrospective images of Canet. Carles Saiz



We find the first reference to the weekly market in the book of memories by Joaquim Pera, Canet de Mar. Vida i costums al poble (1900-1950), in which he says, talking about the Market Square and referring to the 1930s:  In the same square (V.Gabriel Macià), every Wednesday the weekly market joined in...

This shows the tradition of the weekly market in Canet de Mar. In 1935, it was moved to the area around the present Market Square building, taking up Mercat Street,  Pubilles Street and Riera Buscarons Street.

The weekly market is now located at the top of the Riera del Pinar and maintains its name and commercial mix thanks to its good operation and public function.



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